December 4 - World Water Loss Day

In 2019 a group of experts on water losses of the International Water Agency (IWA) has established December 4 as World Water Loss Day - to raise awareness of the problem of water losses from drinking water distribution systems.

Water losses from drinking water distribution systems globally amount to 346 million m3 / day or 126 billion m3 / year!

The percentage of non-revenue water in Bosnia and Herzegovina is about 58%. For comparison, this percentage is 5% in Singapore, 7% in Germany, but 96% in Nigeria. An internationally acceptable percentage is considered to be 20%.

Aquasan Network BiH has recognized the importance and gravity of this problem and through its work and projects for many years gives its contribution to its reduction in BiH, but also at the regional level. We have implemented a number of activities and specific measures through the projects Reduction of non-revenue water in Southeast Europe and Market study and Business plan for NRW product and continue through the D-LeaP program to capacity development for non-revenue water management and other programs.

Unlike the usual approach where an external service provider conducts loss detection, our approach is aimed at strengthening the individual, organizational and institutional capacities of the staff of public water/utility companies, but also representatives of local governments. In this way, independent and sustainable management of non-revenue water is ensured.

Our approach is based on methodology of IWA, Peer exchanges and the creation of a pool of experts (trainers) who will continue to spread good practices in reducing non-revenue water both in BiH and in the region of Southeast Europe.


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