How satisfied are you with the services of the Aquasan network in BiH?

In September, Aquasan Network in BiH conducted a survey to get the opinion of its users about its work, but also a clear vision of the needs of users. The questionnaire was forwarded to representatives of water / utility companies, local governments, ministries and agencies who participated in trainings, peer exchanges and Aquasan regional conferences.

Representatives of the Aquasan network in BiH have always been proud of the cooperation with users, which was shown through the answers in the questionnaire. To the questions How are you satisfied with the cooperation with the representatives of the Aquasan network in BiH and How would you describe the work of the Aquasan network in BiH, the respondents recorded only positive answers.

A significant number of answered questionnaires is a great pleasure, but also a responsibility. In order to justify the trust of users, the Aquasan network in BiH analyzes the answers in detail and will consider all proposals that can contribute to strengthening human, organizational and institutional capacities in the sector and improving the sector in general.

Aquasan Network in BiH always strives to be a reliable and efficient association that will focus all its resources on supporting its customers and improving services in the water services sector. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the questionnaire was designed to examine satisfaction with existing services provided by the Aquasan network in BiH, obtain information and suggestions for planning new activities and offers and show users that their opinion is respected and implemented in accordance with the possibilities.


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