SEEAM – Advanced training on “Asset maintenance management”

As part of the activities of the Program "Asset Management Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe", on the 18-19 November, 2020, the Association for Water and Environmental Protection "Aquasan Network in BiH" organized an advanced two-day online training on “Asset maintenance management in PUCs”.

The training was attended by three public utility companies: PUC "ViK" LLC, Sanski Most, UC "Budućnost" JSC, Laktaši i UC „Bobas“ JSC Kotor Varoš, with the participation of GIZ-a i Hydro-Comp Enterprise (Cyprus) representatives.

The program activities within the Gold Level of the program continued based on the successfully implemented activities in the previous phases of the project. On the Gold Level of the program, PUCs continued to work actively on the establishment of the asset register, and the implementation of activities of asset maintenance management that include: software registration and processing of problem reports by service users and employees in JVP / JKP, opening work orders, monitoring work orders and process efficiency, closing work orders, managing reports and recording and monitoring the state of the warehouse.

As part of the advanced training and in order to evaluate the progress so far and define the next steps, individual consultations were organized with representatives of HCE and Aquasan network in BiH with representatives of PUCs.

Through the evaluation, the participants expressed a high level of satisfaction with the online training, quality of content and interaction of participants. Training also enabled the exchange of knowledge and experiences between PUCs participating in the project.

Trained representatives of PUCs will in the coming period actively work on asset maintenance management activities with the support of representatives of the Hub - Aquasan network in BiH.


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