SEEAM – Advanced training on "Financial Asset Management"

As part of the activities of the Program "Asset Management Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe", in the period from 12th and 13th November 2020, the second online technical training on "Financial Asset Management – advanced training" has been held for the PUCs that participates in the Platinum B phase of the Program.

The training was attended by 10 public utility companies (PUCs) from Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the representatives from BiH, the following utilities participated: PUC "Vodovod i kanalizacija" d.o.o. Gracanica, PUC "Vodovod" a.d. Gradiška, PUC " Vodovod i kanalizacija" d.d. Srebrenik and PUC "Vodovod" a.d. Trebinje.

During the two-day training, the engaged teams of PUCs, representative of Hydro-Comp and members of the AM Hubs “Aquasan network in BiH" and "UTVSI" jointly discussed the following topics relevant for the financial asset management: condition assessment, useful life of the assets, operational status of the assets and deterioration curves, import the financial data for asset revaluation, setting-up operational conditions, importing the data on pipes cost in libraries, assets valuation export, and reconciliation of technical and financial registries.

As part of this training, individual consultations were organized with representatives of HCE, representatives of Aquasan network in BiH, UTVSI and representatives of PUCs, in order to evaluate the progress and to define the next steps.

Based on the training, the representatives of PUCs with the support of the SEEAM Program will continue to implement the activities of the SEEAM Program and specific activities related to financial asset management in their companies, which will continue in 2021.


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