Successful implementation of the Integrated Asset Management Program with PUCs from Bosnia and Herzegovina during Covid-19 pandemic

In the very challenging times of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, which brought many changes and limitations in everyday life and work, representatives of the Integrated Asset Management (IAM) Hub from Association for Water and Environmental Protection "Aquasan Network in BiH" successfully adapted to new working conditions and continued Program implementation, strengthening the capacity of PUCs representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of IAM.

Based on the successfully implemented activities in the previous phases of the Program "Asset Management Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe", continuous support of PUCs was provided by the Aquasan Network in BiH IAM Hub and continued implementation of activities within the Gold and Platinum level of the Program with following PUCs:

  1. Gold level: PUC "Vodovod i kanalizacija" LLC Sanski Most, UC "Buducnost" JSC Laktasi and PUC “Bobas” JSC Kotor Varos,
  2. Platinum A level: PUC “Vodovod” JSC Prnjavor, PUC "Vodovod i kanalizacija" LLC Velika Kladuša,
  3. Platinum B level: PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” LLC Gračanica, PUC “Vodovod” JSC Gradiška, PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” PLC Srebrenik and PUC “Vodovod” LTD Trebinje.

In the Golden Level of the program, PUCs continued to work actively on network data management and implementation of asset maintenance management activities using the EDAMS software package, which include: Managing job cards and improving the efficiency of the asset management processes, managing reports, recording and monitoring warehouse status, etc.

In the Platinum A level of the program, using the EDAMS software package, continuing network data management and maintenance management activities, PUCs worked intensively on water monitoring and balancing, which is part of the comprehensive non-revenue water management strategy in PUCs.

In the Platinum B level of the program, with the continuation of activities from previous phases, PUCs started work on financial asset management through: Assessment of condition and useful life of fixed assets, monitoring of curves of fixed assets deterioration, entry of administrative data for assessment of assets and harmonization of technical and financial asset register.

Due to changes in the circumstances and conditions for delivery of direct trainings for representatives of PUCs participating in the Program, online trainings were organized as well as continuous support in the work of PUCs through online communication tools. The following online trainings were organized for representatives of PUCs:

  1. Golden level of the Program: Two-day online training on "Maintenance Management in PUC", which was held in the period 4 - 5 June 2020.
  2. Platinum A level of the Program: Two-day online training on the EDAMS "Basic Water Audit Balancing” Module, which was held in the period 11 - 12 June 2020.
  3. Platinum B level of the Program: Two-day online technical training on "Financial Asset Management" in the period from 8 - 9 July 2020.

Through the evaluation forms, the training participants expressed a high level of satisfaction with the realized online trainings, the quality of the content and the interaction of the participants, which also enabled the exchange of knowledge and experiences between PUCs participating in the project.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic significantly affected the operational, technical and financial performance of PUCs, utilities expressed their commitment for acquiring new knowledge and skills through the Programme's activities, aimed at improving the overall business performance of the companies. Trained representatives of PUCs will actively work on network data management activities, asset maintenance management, balancing and management of non-revenue water, as well as financial asset management with continuous support of representatives of the Aquasan Network in BiH IAM Hub.


The next cycle of online trainings for representatives of PUCs from all three levels of the Program is scheduled for the beginning of autumn 2020. In the meantime, with the support of the representatives of the Aquasan Network in BiH, PUCs will continue to work and strengthen their capacities through the implementation of agreed tasks and activities in its daily work.

The overall implementation of the SEEAM program is supported by the Project “Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN)" through support to the thematic centre Aquasan Network in BiH.


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