The first Peer Exchange on Non-revenue water management

The Association "Aquasan Network in BiH" supported the Association "Waterworks of Republic of Srpska" in organising the Peer Exchange on June 30, 2020 in East Sarajevo. This is the first peer exchange on non-revenue water management and it was conducted within the Project "Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN)".

The Peer exchange aimed at looking at the current situation regarding non-revenue water management and presenting concrete examples of good practice as well as encouraging cooperation among participants through discussion and peer exchange. Participants were directors and their employees from public utility companies from Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Trebinje, Gradiška, East Sarajevo, Laktasi, Prnjavor, Rogatica, Zvornik, Bratunac, while the moderators of the event were representatives of the Aquasan Network in BiH.

On behalf of the hosts, the event was opened by Mr. Jovan Katic, Director of "Vodovod i kanalizacija" JSC, East Sarajevo and Mr. Zoran Popovic, President of the Association "Waterworks of Republic of Srpska " and Director of "Vodovod" JSC, Banja Luka. The introduction to the thematic session was given by Mr. Sead Badnjević from the Aquasan Network in BiH. He reviewed the current situation regarding non-revenue water management at the global, regional and national level and the high non-revenue water challenges faced by utility companies. At the same time, he emphasized possible solutions to these challenges, including European Union guidelines and good practices in water loss management. Ms. Branka Trninić presented on behalf of the Association " Waterworks of Republic of Srpska " the report "Status of losses in waterworks of Republic of Srpska" with a focus on technical characteristics of water supply in Republic of Srpska, preconditions for non-revenue water management, reasons that led to the current situation and especially suggestions for improvement and conclusions.

The central part of the peer exchange was focused on the example of good practice in non-revenue water management presented by Mr. Dejan Romić from "Vodovod i kanalizacija" JSC, East Sarajevo. After some basic information about the company, Mr. Romić introduced the participants to the previous activities to reduce non-revenue water in this company, active loss control in the measuring zone Dobrinja 4, applied methodology for finding and troubleshooting, its results and next steps.

In a discussion structured according to the topics presented in the case study, participants exchanged their experiences, knowledge and opinions. They confirmed that a systematic approach to non-revenue water management is necessary, as well as education and capacity development for the organization and implementation of these activities. Investments in reducing the level of non-revenue water will certainly be justified by the achieved results and savings, and therefore it is necessary to develop an action plan for the management of non-revenue water and go "step by step". An example of such an action plan is outlined through a joint exercise of the participants during the event itself.

After the peer exchange, the participants visited the filter station "Tilava" in East Sarajevo.


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