Brunch with media - a promotional event

The Association for Water and Environmental Protection "Aquasan Network in BiH" organized a promotional event to introduce media representatives to the Position paper of the Aquasan Network in BiH on the introduction of economic prices for water services, within the project "Raising awareness in the water services sector in USC supported by the USC Ministry of Construction, Physical Planning and Environmental Protection. Representatives of the media of Una - Sana Canton, more precisely RTV USK, Radio Bihać and USK novina attended the promotional event held on June 25, 2021. in the Pavilion Hotel, where the representatives of the Aquasan Network in BiH briefly presented the work of the Association, and the Position paper and Policy Memorandum prepared in 2021 and which represent the attitude of the Aquasan Network in BiH towards important sectoral topics. In addition to the above, the main challenges and factors that affect the overall operational and financial operations of most PUCs in BiH and why we need economic prices for water services are presented. The presentation was followed by a discussion between representatives of the media and the Aquasan network in BiH. "Aquasan Network in BiH" contributes to better information and raising awareness of water service users about key aspects of water service provision that affect the satisfaction of water service users and their long-term sustainability. For the purpose of this project, and the event Brunch with media a brochure Let's ensure the provision of quality water services for future generations was made.


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