Capacity development during COVID-19

What were the main challenges for capacity development and how partner associations adapted to the new crisis and continued to provide quality services during the COVID-19 pandemic were the key topics of the RCDN partner meeting held on December 21, 2021 through the Zoom platform.

Through sessions on continuity and innovation in providing capacity development services during the pandemic and on organizational change, adaptation, design and delivery of efficient services, representatives of the associations shared their good practices, innovations, challenges and advice on providing high quality capacity development services during the crisis. Representatives of the Aquasan Network in BiH participated in this meeting and presented their experiences and practices that they have adopted and applied in the previous two years. New skills for efficient delivery of online trainings have been developed, innovations have been introduced and organizational changes have been made. Moreover, this time of crisis was taken as an opportunity to acquire new skills and adapt training programs. One of the messages of this meeting is that new knowledge and skills need to be combined in order for the capacity development offer to continue to grow in terms of quality and quantity.

Through this exchange of good practices and experiences in ensuring capacity development during the COVID-19 pandemic, RCDN partner associations continue to develop their capacities and build a regional capacity development network.


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