Final regional workshop with PUC mangers within SEEAM project - "Presentation of the Final project Results and way forward“.

On 20th April 2022, the final online regional workshop was held within the program "Asset Management Advisory Services to Water Utilities in South Eastern Europe" (SEEAM).

The workshop was attended by directors and operators of public utility companies (PUCs) from participating countries in the Project (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia), as well as representatives of hub centres Aquasan network in BiH, ADKOM from N.Macedonia and UTSVI, Serbia as well as main partners in project implementation.

The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of the Project implementation during the period from 2017 to 2022 and the plan to extend the Project in the next period. Also, the champion utilities were presented, which with their work during this period and achieved incredible results stood out in relation to others.

In the previous four years of the Program implementation, the utilities participating in the Program have achieved great success in creating a property register (communal water infrastructure), improving the process of property maintenance management and distribution management - monitoring of non-revenue water, and have started financial asset management activities. In the fifth year of project implementation, companies were enabled to participate in the Platinum C phase, which refers to the planning of the rehabilitation of communal infrastructure.

Representatives of all companies expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved and the willingness to continue cooperation. As before, the Aquasan network in BiH will continue its cooperation with Hydro-com, and the forms of cooperation will be agreed in the coming period.

During the workshop, the representative of GIZ, Mr. Oliver Natchevski, presented the success indicators of the project, according to which it was concluded that all performance indicators were met beyond the expectations.


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