Participation of the Aquasan Network in BiH in a one-day knowledge exchange - "Financial Sustainability of Wastewater Management in the Danube Region"

On February 3 2022, the World Bank under the Danube Water Program and ICPDR have joined hands to organize a regional one-day knowledge exchange event on "Financial Sustainability of Wastewater Management in Danube region".  The main objective of this event was to Enhance financial sustainability of wastewater services in the Danube region, by providing interested and committed government and utility representatives with the appropriate knowledge, exposure and expertise to support the sustainable modernization efforts in the wastewater management sector.

The participants in the event were professionals from technical management level and senior technical staff from national and local governments and utilities.

Representatives of the Aquasan network in BiH also took part in this event, through a session „Good practices in the development of sustainable wastewater services“. Within this session, representatives of the Aquasan network in BiH held a presentation on „Achieving and maintaining financial sustainability of water utilities in Danube region, training tolls and experience“ and presented experience in the implementation of programs related to achieving financial sustainability of water services and water utilities in BiH as well as tools used in the project implementation process. Also, in their presentation, representatives of the Aquasan network in BiH gave a brief overview of the situation in the wastewater management sector in BiH and the process of reform and modernization of the water services sector, as well as changing the approach of international financial institutions in implementing investment projects.


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