Membership, conditions for membership and categories of members are regulated by the Statute.

Categories of members are as follows:

  • Regular members. Regular members participate in the work of the Association bodies. They have the right to vote and are obliged to pay membership fee.
  • Honorary members. Honorary members participate in the work of the Association. They do not have the right to vote and are not obliged to pay membership fee.

Membership is on a voluntarily basis.

As Aquasan is focused on water and environmental protection, most of our members are coming from this sector. However, it is not a criteria because members could be other persons i.e. both legal and physical entities who are interested in becoming members and embracing programmatic orientation and strategic goals of Aquasan. There are no differences between BiH and other citizens in terms of membership.

Aquasan members are experts from the water, environmental protection and communal affairs sector from the entire BiH and South-East Europe i.e. representatives of state ministries, relevant entity and cantonal ministries, entity water agencies, local government units, research institutions, non-governmental organisation, water utilities as well as private sector and independent consultants.

According to the BiH legislation, local government units cannot be members of Aquasan; yet, it does not limit local government units to actively participate and fund the work of the Association.


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