Organisation of Conferences

Annual conference is a central event organised to boost exchange of information and knowledge and to promote ideas and best practices amongst members and other relevant stakeholders at the national and international level.

From the knowledge-exchange aspect, annual conferences are opportunities for Aquasan members and other participants to:

  • Be informed on the work and achievements of Aquasan;
  • Jointly discuss challenges in the sector and how to overcome them;
  • Learn and discus about most relevant sector topics and trends;
  • Learn about national and international capacity development programs as well as donor programs and programs implemented by international financial institutions (IFIs).

To organise annual conference, Aquasan President appoints Organisation Board. The Board consults with Aquasan members to select conference topics taking into consideration most significant challenges in the sector in the past year / period and challenges for sector development. Potential solutions to address current challenges are identified be it sector reform, improvement of institutional and organisational framework, capacity development or application for donor / IFI funds.

Intensive consultations with relevant national and international institutions are also conducted so that they take active participation in preparing and implementing annual conference and take ownership over the process. 

In principle, to achieve conference goals, current state and needs are analysed, sector experts are consulted with and methodological approach is selected, topics are defined and resource persons identified. Such approach enables that challenges, but also knowledge, experience and best practices are analysed from all aspects thus ensuring transfer of knowledge to conference participants and encouraging them to take proactive approach to addressing challenges they encounter in day-to-day work.


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