Organisation of Trainings

Thematic trainings are organised and delivered through:

  1. Development of training programs in line with training requirements of our members;
  2. Regional and national projects implemented by Aquasan.

Development of training programs is one of models that enables transfer of knowledge from sector experts and Aquasan members to all participants. On the other hand, training of trainers enable strengthening of capacities of experts thus ensuring the two-way transfer of knowledge. Training program is based on tested and verified methodological standards and didactic principles including adult-learning principles. Trainings are expected to be funded from participation fees; hence, the training promotion program and participation fee scheme is developed. 

Training program include the development and implementation of the following thematic curricula:

  • Benchmarking
  • Non-revenue water management
  • Asset management in water utilities
  • Energy efficiency of pumping plants
  • Preparation, planning and implementation of infrastructure investment projects in the water supply and wastewater sector
  • Result-based project management
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Decentralised wastewater management.

Thematic trainings delivered within the implementation of national and regional projects are certainly one of focuses of Aquasan. Capacity development component is incorporated in most of projects implemented by Aquasan to enhance both knowledge on general topics e.g. result-based project implementation as well as specific knowledge needed for improving the state of the sector e.g. non-revenue water management.

Both training delivery models are organised through working groups, field visits and on-the-job trainings.


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