Organisation of Workshops

Trainings and workshops for Aquasan members are planned on annual basis. Workshops are opportunities for a direct in-depth exchange, discussion and capacity development on selected topics and issues of concern.

Consultations with members are conducted before each training and workshop to agree on topics of common concern and select resource persons i.e. trainers who will prepare and deliver trainings and workshops. A particular approach and methodology to training delivery typically includes the invitation of participants, logistic organisation, presentation of thematic inputs, moderation, working groups, evaluation and reporting on outcomes. Locations for trainings and workshops are selected based on ongoing projects that may be of interest for participants.

To present and exchange new experiences and knowledge on specific topics, particularly those not available within BiH, Aquasan engages both national and international experts as trainers and/or resource persons. Trainers / moderators are selected based on their expertise in training and workshop topics, their capacities and skills, experience and references as well as costs for their engagement.



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