Organisational Structure

Aquasan is registered at the BiH level. Such registration results from our programmatic orientation and strategic goals, which aims at activities and initiatives to be taken throughout BiH as well as members coming from the entire BiH.

Our organisational structure is as follows:

  • Assembly. Assembly is a decision-making body which is composed of all members of the Association. Assembly is run by Assembly President who has four-year mandate.
  • Steering Board. Steering Board has a corrective and supervisory role. It is composed of five members of the Association who have four-year mandate. Steering Board is run by Steering Board President.
  • President. President of Aquasan is an executive person authorised to represent the Association. S/he has four-year mandate.
  • Honorary President. Honorary President has an advisory role and contributes to the reputation and positive image of the Association.

Roles and responsivities of all bodies are defined by the Statute. The Statute is adopted by the Assembly. Regular Assembly sessions take place once a year provided that more then 1/3 of the total number of Assembly members are present. Decisions are made by majority vote of the present members. The Assembly appoints and releases Assembly President, Steering Board members and President and appoints Honorary President.

Secretary of the Association is responsible for carrying out administrative and other activities, as required. Secretary may be permanently employed by the Association should Assembly makes such decision.

Depending on requirements and scope of work, Aquasan engages its members who have expertise, experience and references for the preparation and implementation of national and regional projects in the water, environmental protection and communal affairs sector as well as those who have contributed to the achievement of results set by their institutions and organisations and / or promotion of the water and environmental protection sector in general. Such engagement is funded by projects which a specific expert is engaged for.

To improve the sector, Aquasan experts continue to develop their capacities and transfer their knowledge and experience to other Aquasan members.



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