Vision and Mission


The Aquasan Network in BiH is a leading association of experts that contributes to the sustainability and quality of water services and environmental protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Southeast European countries by strengthening capacity and advocating for policy improvements.



Aquasan Network in BiH as a non-profit association is a center for strengthening knowledge and skills and transfer of experience with the aim of training management and professional staff in the water and environmental sector that provides high quality services to citizens in BiH.

Aquasan Network in BiH advocates the improvement of public policies in the sector in order to achieve a better legal and business environment that will provide a better environment and services to citizens in BiH in accordance with European Union (EU) standards.

The Aquasan Network in BiH achieves its mission by networking, cooperating and partnering with public institutions and companies, NGOs, the private sector, international financial institutions and donor organizations, as well as raising public awareness of the importance of water and the environment.



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