Capacity Development Program for Financing Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Services - training of trainers


Participants in this event are selected trainers from the Association of Waterworks of RS, the Association Of The Employers Of Utility Companies In FBiH, the Association of Municipalities and Cities of FBiH and the Association of Municipalities and Cities of RS, and the end goal is to increase knowledge, skills and abilities and the quality of water service provision in BiH.

The content of the program is based on course materials conducted by the World Bank at the global level, which are adapted to the context of BiH, and designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to other countries in the region.

The organizer of this five-day event, which will last from 28.6. 2021 to 2.7. In 2021, the Association for Water and Environmental Protection "Aquasan Network in BiH".


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